Frequently Asked Questions

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, right? And yet, you are supposed to make all of these planning and organizing decisions about something you’ve never done before! How are you supposed to know how to hire the perfect photographer when you’ve never before hired a photographer?! Can we get an Amen? That’s why we love questions! There are no silly questions here because when you’ve never done something before, you must ask to learn! Hands down, we want to make sure you are making informed decisions when it comes to the great responsibility of choose who to entrust with capturing your priceless memories.

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Before Booking

Of course! When you reserve your wedding date with us, you are booking your specific photographer. We believe feeling comfortable with your photographer is paramount to the success of our photos for you! You can meet your photographer at any point in the process. Some couples like to meet the photographer before booking. Others opt for a phone call, and plan to meet in-person at the engagement session.

The perk with Gold Grid is that you’re also booking our in-studio team. There will always be someone in the studio to answer your questions and offer suggestions. You’ll also get an expert for each step of the process. No more singular photographer trying to do everything for everyone. The person designing your wedding album? BA in graphic design. Our amazing studio manager in charge of all communications? A professional writer. Essentially, we’ve got your back.

Your Gold Grid photographer takes gorgeous photos. Your Gold Grid team takes care of everything else.

If the collection we created together listed “USB of wedding photos” as an item, then the digitals are coming to you! If they are not listed, they can easily be added to your collection.

On your USB, there will be 2 folders. One is full of your high-resolution, non-watermarked, print ready files. The other is a Web Ready folder which contains watermarked photos that are suitable for sharing on Facebook and social media. Posting watermarked photos online not only protects our hard work, but also protects your rights if a mean person were to steal the photos and pretend to have taken them (it happens all of the time sadly).

We believe that every wedding day is unique. Just like a one-size-fits-all T-shirt pretty much never fit anyone, we think the same is true with pricing “menus.” Once we chat, we’ll be able to put together a customized proposal based on your specific needs. Generally speaking, the most popular collections our Gold Grid couples choose tend to start around $3,500 and average between $4,000-$4,600.
We have a la carte options for all of our products and services. You can add products to your initial quote and collection, or wait and add them at any point in the process.
We firmly believe that an Heirloom Wedding Album is just as an important part of every collection as the photos themselves. It’s a tangible work of art that becomes part of your legacy and truly lasts forever (unlike digitals).

But we understand that you may not know exactly what you want until you’ve seen your photos. Rather than select a specific album with your collection, we build an album credit into our collections. This means that you know you’ve set aside money for an album, while all of the specific can be determined after the wedding when you actually have the photos to decide.

Your date is reserved once we have a signed contract and paid deposit. We’re happy to set up an in-person meeting to finalize the details, or everything can easily be handled online. Wedding dates are reserved on a first-come-first serve basis.

During the Planning Process

No problem! That’s why they are complimentary. We’ve learned over the years what a huge impact having an engagement session can have on the success of your wedding photos. Our primary goal is to get to know the two of you as much as possible leading up to the wedding day, and an engagement session is a large part of that. This way, together, we are able to create images that are you unique to your specific story and day. You don’t have to use the session, but we certainly encourage it. Because we include these complimentary, there is no extra cost to you!
This is one of the reasons you hired a team. In the unlikely event that your photographer gets sick on your wedding day, we have a network of trusted photographers within Gold Grid Studios. And since part of our team’s planning process includes creating a detailed timeline and shot list for your wedding day, your new photographer would be arriving prepared and well-informed.
3 months before the wedding we’ll be sending you a questionnaire that walks you and your fiancé, as well as our team, through all of your must-have portrait groups. This ensures we don’t miss Aunt Sue from the crucial family photo even if she always tries to sneak out of it. It also allows us to capture every group you’d like without taking up too much time.

If there are other key photos you want to make sure are captured, of course feel free to tell us. Don’t feel like you need to spend an entire weekend writing up an exhaustive list though. You can rest assured all of the major moments – the walk down the aisle, your first kiss and first dance, etc – will be documented. After all, we are wedding photographers 😉

If you want to see what our “typical” shot list is, send us over an email and request to see a full wedding gallery!

After Your Wedding

The number of photos depends so much upon what your day is like. The number of hours we are documenting has a large impact, as does the amount of travel time in the day. On average, we usually range between 400-600 photos for an 8-10 hour day. We aren’t deleting any moments, candids or funny “out takes” that you most likely will want to see, but we do edit down the number so that you aren’t overwhelmed with duplicates. We don’t want you having to sort through photos of your eyes closed. That’s what you have us for!
We love this question! Your photos are ready 6 weeks after the wedding (the typical time for other photographers is 3 months). The great news is that you’ll know the exact date and time BEFORE your wedding day. We have a fantastic little party for you here at our studio, where you’ll get to see the photos for the first time. We set the date with you before your special day, so that you can let friends and family know what to expect. This party is something we pride ourselves on, and a perfect way to celebrate with you!
You will receive a personal use license. This includes the printing rights, and permission to share on social media. The copyright does stay with the studio, but the rights you have allow you to do all the printing and sharing you’d like! As is the case with any photographer (or art form actually!), the copyright remains with the studio because that is what legally allows us to show you these photos on our website.

Still have Questions?

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Gold Grid Studios is committed to documenting stories as diverse as the world we live in. We strictly prohibit all discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender. We believe love is love and every person’s story is important to be documented and shared forever.