One of the most exciting aspects of being in the wedding industry is the incredible people we meet. Each wedding day is successful, in part, because of the creative teams that are assembled to support that couple. We’re all about the team experience at Gold Grid Studios, and that extends to industry professionals in other fields. Gold Grid Recommends are the vendors we admire, respect, and always look forward to seeing on the wedding day!

Today, we are celebrating Gourmet Invitations, a custom design invitation boutique. Our most recent collaboration with Gourmet Invitations was the Gold Grid Studios launch dinner. Owner Tifany Wunschl created a sophisticated design that not only showcased the Gold Grid Studios icon, but also set the tone for an elegant, luxurious evening.



Tifany, what’s one thing that makes you different than other professionals in your field?  Effectively, why should I work with you?

My niche is making invitations that have never been seen before.  Working with material link metal, wood, silk and suede; using new printing techniques in a variety of ways; and packaging the invitations to excite your guests when they open their mail box – that is what makes Gourmet Invitations unique.

Why do you do what you do?

I LOVE IT! I wake up every day looking forward to starting my day and going to bed at night thinking about what I will do tomorrow.  I love working with clients to make the best day of their life even better.





What’s your favorite part of a wedding day? 

The invitation of course!  But I also love making the special details for the wedding reception.  Having the wedding “branded” makes the event even more special and memorable.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell every couple?

Don’t be so concerned with etiquette or how my mother would have done it.  The wedding invitations should reflect your personalities and style of the wedding.  Word invitations to please your family, not Emily Post.




What’s the most popular misconception you wish every couple understood differently about your profession?

Misconception: “Everyone just throws the invitation away” They do if it isn’t worth keeping!  Most of my clients tell me that guests won’t even return the rsvp card because they don’t want to break up the suite.  If you spend a little more on custom invitations, you are going to excite your guests about your wedding and it becomes a keepsake.



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