The Chicago Based Photographers

Having a support team in our Chicago office means that our photographers are freed up to focus on doing the 2 things they are most passionate about – getting to know you and creating amazing images. When you reserve your wedding date with us, you (of course) are booking your specific photographer of choice. We believe feeling comfortable with your photographer is paramount to the success of our photos for you! You can meet your photographer at any point in the process. Some couples like to meet the photographer before booking. Others opt for a phone call, and plan to meet in-person at the engagement session.


My favorite part of a wedding is the reception! After all the anticipation of the ceremony and seeing all your family in one place, you finally get to kick off your shoes and let loose. Plus, the speeches from your friends and family always tug at my heart strings!


My favorite moments to capture during wedding celebrations are the ones that aren’t planned: ­a giant belly laugh from an elder relative, a moment of giggles between a group of close friends, when the light does magical things and lands on the ceremony just right during the vows, candid moments that will be the memories framed and handed down through generations.


The getting ready moments. There is so much energy during this time. Moments filled with excitement, nerves, and countless other feelings. Best friends sharing (sometimes) quiet moments before the wedding day begins in earnest.

Long Story Short:
Your Gold Grid photographer takes gorgeous photos. Your Gold Grid team takes care of everything else.

The Behind-the-Scenes Team

The perk with Gold Grid is that when we photograph your wedding, you’re also booking our in-studio team. There is someone in the studio to answer your questions and offer suggestions even when your photographer is out doing what they do best – creating photos. You’ll also get an expert for each step of the process. No more singular photographer trying to do everything for everyone. The person designing your wedding album? BA in graphic design. Our amazing studio manager in charge of all communications? A professional writer. Essentially, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve got your back.



Studio Manager

I really look forward to the moments that are couple-specific. Whether it’s an addition to the ceremony or a surprise at the reception, I love the personal touches that make everyone at the wedding say “That is SO them!”



The First Look! I know it’s sometimes controversial to see each other before the ceremony, but a First Look is the one opportunity to help slow the day down and really soak in each little moment. No matter what the earlier part of the day has been like, you can always see a physical relaxation when two people so madly in love see each other in such a calm setting (we make sure it’s calm!) for the first time on their wedding day. It’s extremely powerful to give our couples this opportunity for quality time together on such a busy day.

Gold Grid Studios is committed to documenting stories as diverse as the world we live in. We believe love is love and every person’s story is important to be documented and shared forever.