A Chicago Photography Team for those Who Believe in Doing Things that Matter,
with People Who Matter.

We Believe in Timeless Over Trendy.

You want photos that you’ll love in ten minutes…and ten years.  No crazy filters, no abstract design. Just good, timeless photography that uses years of skill to showcase our clients in a natural manner.

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We Believe in Hugs Over Handshakes.

Every couple needs a support system. And that’s exactly what you get with Gold Grid Studios. Our Chicago office team handles all of the logistics so that your photographer can focus on getting to know you and creating amazing images.

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We Believe in Quality Over Quantity.

We take on a limited number of weddings each year, to make sure each couple gets the attention they deserve and the impeccable service we’re known for. It’s like sitting at the cool kids table — except we’re really nice! We know quality time together is a cherished resource and feel the same way about quality artwork.

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