Your Wedding Album: Setting a Gold (Grid) Standard

After the cake is cut and the bouquet has been thrown, you and your love finally get to exhale. You did it! You’re married! And while your relationship with most of your vendors comes to an end, our time with you is just beginning. We edit the photos, relive the memories, and put together galleries and slideshows for you to share with family & friends. But our job isn’t yet done. The art of photography is all about legacy, about preserving your story for future generations. The best way to capture the essence of your day is with a gorgeous Heirloom album.

Your wedding day is packed with those “a picture is worth a thousand words” moments. And while digital media is great for sharing (we’re all about Facebook posts and Instagram sneak peeks), you can’t put them on your coffee table. You can’t hold a USB in your hand on your anniversary, and flip through it with a glass of wine. Even in the past few years, we’ve seen technology undergo so many changes (from discs to USBs to direct downloads). One thing has been consistent: the quality of our Heirloom albums.

One of the best parts of the Gold Grid experience is your ordering party. We bring you into the studio and showcase all of your photos for the first time. There’s champagne, a fab slideshow, and a relaxing time to relive your day. It’s also a perfect opportunity to create your wedding album. We put together a pre-design that shows the highlights of your day, and utilize our software to make adjustments in real time. You can swap photos, ask for revisions, and by the time you leave — your album is ready to order! Most Gold Grid couples have their wedding album in hand three months after the wedding. ┬áThe honeymoon phase is still in full blossom, and you already have a keepsake with a lifetime guarantee.


As you can see, we customize everything from the album cover, color, page number, and text — each album we create is unique to the couple and their story. Shall we help you tell yours?

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