A Garden Engagement: Katharine & Leon

As the seasons start to shift in Chicago, there’s no better way to celebrate summer than Katharine & Leon’s garden engagement. This session is all about the soft romance of flowers and garden greenery. Katharine’s long dress was delicate and charming, a perfect fit in more ways that one. Pair that with Leon’s crisp white shirt and this dynamic duo is ready for a garden party, a park stroll, or a brunch just for two.

The amazing thing about Lincoln Park (and Chicago summer) is the wealth of variety. No matter how many times we visit, we always discover new spots that are just begging for a Kodak moment. The Katharine’s dress, a floral background was a must. The bright yellow and green background is one of kind, and a match made in heaven for this session.

Be sure to look out for all those perfect pops of color you only see in nature, and a special appearance by a butterfly (a sure sign of luck and good fortune). And once the garden walk commences, these two take a break. Surrounded by the gorgeous architecture and a hint of Chicago skyline, get ready for some of the best laughing photos. Genuine love and laughter are some of our favorite moments to capture, and Katharine & Leon’s joy is oh so amazing!


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