Katie & Ryan are getting married at a golf club this fall, so a crisp spring day in downtown Chicago made a perfect contrast for their engagement photos! The Chicago Riverwalk is one of our favorite locations, with its array of historic buildings and waterside views. And since Katie studied architecture in college, this area seemed like the perfect backdrop to capture all of the beautiful angles of Katie, Ryan, and their engagement story!

While planning for their Chicago Riverwalk session, we talked to Katie & Ryan about everything from how they first fell in love to the big holiday proposal!



When you think about your fiance, what is your favorite trait?

Katie: Ryan is a very easy-going and sincere person. He can strike up a conversation with anyone he meets. His smile & laugh is contagious and always puts me in a great mood.

Ryan: Katie has a great laugh and smile, serious yet lighthearted, thorough and to the point, but full of joy and so much fun to be around. She keeps me on my toes which makes her the best, and makes me a better person.



What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

Both: Relaxing on the couch after a long day of work and watching our favorite shows. We always have the best time doing simple things.





What is your happiest memory together?

Katie: When we got engaged. He proposed while we were with my entire family on Thanksgiving. We were at my aunt & uncle’s house in Pittsburgh. Everyone was taking family photos out on their balcony, and he asked for everyone’s attention and popped the question. It was such a great moment that we were able to share with my entire family.






We’ll be sharing more of Katie & Ryan’s story after their November wedding at Mistwood Golf Club. You can see more Gold Grid couples here!

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