Keith House Wedding: Mike & Phil

Gold Grid Studios - Keith House Wedding

Mike & Phil’s wedding at the Keith House in Chicago was the kind of intimate, emotional affair that wedding photographers love! It gives us an opportunity to get to know the couples’ family & friends, and have a great time capturing what is so unique about the day!

Now, Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong, it probably will go wrong. Such a statement is always a wedding day fear, and rain is probably the most well-known example of Murphy’s adage.  It did indeed rain on this day, though you wouldn’t know it from Mike & Phil’s smiles, and from all the laughter and love at their ceremony and reception.

We talked to their photographer Alissa to get a closer look!



What makes Mike & Phil a unique couple?

Alissa: They have such a strong bond, and their personalities complement each other completely. From the moment I met them, I could just feel the happiness radiating from them!




How would you describe their wedding day?

Alissa: Mike & Phil wanted an intimate, classy wedding to celebrate with close friends and family.  I was excited to hear they were interested in in capturing authentic, memorable moments.







What was your favorite moment from their day?

Alissa: Definitely their vows! Both Mike & Phil crafted deeply personal expressions of commitment. They had the whole room in happy tears & laughter. 





What’s the silver lining of something like rain on the wedding day? 

Alissa: Rain didn’t stop us! Everyone was game for grabbing umbrellas & walking around for some pretty spring rain photos. It’s important to be prepared for weather, and just roll with it. Different weather means you have unique visual opportunities, like reflections on the pavement and interesting colors!









What do you love about intimate weddings?

Alissa: I love when guests are able to spend quality time with each other, as well as the couple. It often means the schedule is a bit more relaxed, allowing for more organic moments and photo opportunities. The key is to think about what you truly want that makes your day special for you.






Vendor Team

Venue: The Keith House // Printing: Minted // Musicians: Chris White // Florals: Mariano’s South Loop // Caterer: Connie’s Pizza // Dessert: First Slice Pie Cafe

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  1. This was a wonderful, beautiful wedding and celebration of love! I’m so happy I could be there to with you Phil & Mike!

  2. These pictures are beautiful and Phil and Mike look so happy 🙂 My favorite pix are the ones in the rain. There’s just something magical about it. Great job, Alissa!

  3. The trippiness of wondering: Is my tunic flipped up in the air or is that the coat of the woman behind me or IS IT A MAGIC EYE PHOTO???????

  4. These pictures are beautiful! Great venue and the handsomest couple ever. I love our dancing photo Phil!

  5. These picture are beautiful! They capture the special and wonderful day for my brother and brother in law. I loved looking at all of the amazing pictures and remembering that wonderful day. The rain didn’t stop any thing😃 great job gold grid studios!

  6. Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, beautiful photos! So much love to you both! So happy to share this special moment and many others with you.

  7. Such a beautiful wedding and these pictures illustrate how truly perfect Phil and Mike are for each other!!

  8. Love the photos. They really capture the magic of the party. Mike and Phil just mesh well together, and you can see that in photos.

  9. These photographs are wonderful and truly capture the magic of the evening, the touching ceremony, and historic and charming ambiance of the venue

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