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Ravenswood Events Center - CSW Design Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially one issued by Chicago Style Weddings! We always enjoy being part of a styled photo shoot, and the CSW Designers’ Challenge had local planners go head-to-head to create their fantasy wedding designs. Gold Grid Studios was there to capture it all! For this “Color Outside the Lines” challenge, we worked with Lola Productions at Ravenswood Event Center. The talented team of designers collaborated to create this vivid, vibrant dream of a look!

We chatted with Lori from Lola Event Productions, a highly trained and creative team with diverse education and backgrounds that have 50+ years of combined experience implementing savvy, stylish and FUN weddings and events of all shapes and sizes. She told us a bit more about the inspiration for this challenge, and how the experience reflected what Lola does best!

Ravenswood-Events-Center-CSW-Design-Challenge-Gold-Grid-Studios_0010 What was your inspiration for the Designers Challenge?
We knew we wanted to do color, and we loved the idea of taking a 2-dimensional image & creating a 3-dimensional design. The vintage wallpaper we chose was the perfect starting place for this idea.

What does your work in the Designers Challenge say about you? Is there something specific you hope couples will see?
We like to think outside the box, take a small detail & expand it to incorporate multiple facets of an event design.  It isn’t only about the flowers. It’s about the presentation of the food, the overall design of the room & how all of these things will play into the guest experience.





Ravenswood-Events-Center-CSW-Design-Challenge-Gold-Grid-Studios_0003What’s one thing that makes you different than other professionals in your field?
Our background in design, as well as our excellent business management, make Lola Event Productions the total package.





What’s one thing you wish you could tell every couple?
There isn’t anything I won’t say to a client as long as it’s constructive. Honesty is a really important ingredient in marriage as well as wedding planning!



It was an absolute joy to be part of the “Color Outside the Lines” shoot! In addition to working at the stunning Ravenswood Art Center with Lola Event Productions, we were lucky enough to capture the creative work of Elysia Root Cakes, Steracle Press, BBJ Linen, Hall’s Rental & HMR Designs. We cannot wait for you to see the gorgeous work of all four challenges! Go team(s)!

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