Evening Engagement Session: Kylie & Matt

Nothing quite beats an evening in Chicago! From the city lights to the sunset off the buildings, it’s a perfect engagement destination. We took an evening stroll with Kylie & Matt, and got to know more about their lovely story. It all started with a SIX HOUR first date! That’s certainly not a shabby way to kick things off!

We’ll see more of these two at their wedding, which is just a few weeks away! For now, enjoy this evening walk around the Chicago River & Riverwalk, and hear what these two have to say about each other. Congrats, Kylie & Matt!


Kylie, what do love most about Matt? 

Some of my favorite traits about Matt are the way he loves me, his kind heart, his hard working attitude, his sacrifice for those around him, his values, his communication style, his sensitivity and emotional character, his loyalty, support and the way he shares in all the responsibilities of our lives. He is the best thing in my life and I can’t imagine the future without him.



Matt, what are some of your favorite things about Kylie?

Some of my favorite traits about Kylie are she has the most amazing smile, her selfless character, her ability to walk in to a room and have a conversation with everybody, she is thoughtful and caring, having her in my life pushes me both personally and professionally because I always want to do the best for her.



What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

We enjoy cooking together, hiking, laughing, watching movies that Kylie never stays awake for, we have fun wherever we are and recently went to Boston where we saw Fenway Park, the freedom trail and walked around the city for 3 days.



What is your happiest memory together? 

Our happiest memory together is a tie between the day we moved in together and the day we got engaged. Both pushed us towards our future together and got us closer to the big day on December 16th! Our engagement was at home during one of our lazy Sundays. It was so nice that it was in the space we share together where we live and love and where we spend the normal everyday part of our lives. It was just between the two of us without a big production. Matt truly surprised Kylie (one of the only real surprises in her life to date as she tends to figure things out) it was heartfelt and full of tears for us both.



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