Lincoln Park Engagement Session: Emily & Brandon

You can never go wrong with Lincoln Park! It’s a popular engagement session spot for a good reason. No matter how many times you visit Lincoln Park, there are ALWAYS new discoveries to be made! New paths, a different shade of sunlight, and an assortment of events and people-watching pleasures. It’s easy to relax and get a perfect mix of cityscape and natural serenity. This makes it an ideal backdrop for smiling, laughing, and showing off just how IN LOVE you are!

Friends, meet Emily & Brandon! They win the award for amazing fall/winter accessorizing, with cozy jackets, fabulous scarves, and lots of cuddling! Get to know their love story, and join them on this stroll through Lincoln Park!


On how they met:

We met the old fashion way….an online app! Two swipes right and the rest is history. Brandon swears he messaged Emily first but Emily knows she messaged him first and is considering requesting the messaging history through the app’s legal department to win the debate. Kidding…sort of. 



Emily, on her favorite things about Brandon:

My favorite trait of Brandon’s is how deeply he cares about the things that matter the most to him. He’s extremely passionate and driven to be successful in his career. He cares deeply for his friends and family and would do anything for them.



Brandon, on what he loves about Emily:

So many things are amazing! She has amazing smile and beautiful eyes. She is intelligent, fun, outgoing, has great taste, cultured and probably the most important thing she makes me a better person!



On their favorite things to do together:

One of our favorite things to do as a couple is to explore our city. We both love trying new things together whether that’s a walking around a new neighborhood, trying a new restaurant, hitting up a local bar or whatever fun local activity is happening. We are both up for anything!



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