Wrigleyville Engagement Session: Teresa & Sean

Alright, sports fans! It’s time for a romantic trip to Wrigleyville! One of our favorite things to do before an engagement session is find out what each couple loves.  For Teresa & Sean, it was clear right away: sports, music, and each other. They knew that the Chicago Music Exchange was ideal, and we are all so happy that CME was on board for their session. Before sitting down with the guitars there, it was first time for a stroll around Wrigley Field! Is there any place in Chicago that is more about love and devotion? No one knows about commitment and loyalty like a Cubs fan!

Teresa’s subtle Cubs love was perfection for this session — the bright blue sweater, the fierce red nails! Yes, pops of color! And these two were so much fun. Laughter & smiles abound!  And they’re already thinking like a married couple: we heard rumors from their friends that the Wrigleyville session was a compromise — they’ll be headed to the United Center for part of the wedding day! Now, THAT is thinking like a team! There’s enough love to go around!

Enjoy! And join is congratulating these two sports fans! Go, love, go!

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