When we say that you can get fabulous engagement photos ANY time of year, THIS is what we’re talking about! Samantha & Markus made winter work, taking advantage of the natural backdrop and fully embracing the snow-kissed setting! A winter engagement session is not always buttoned-up. With proper planning, you can choose to cozy up indoors, or brave the day with an outdoors stroll. A fashionable coat is always photogenic — not the only option, though! If you and your significant other are ready to take the plunge, you can totally face the winter engagement photo challenge together. Take a deep breath, remove the coats, and grab each other’s hand — just go for it! We just need a few seconds to catch the perfect moment — plenty of time for the adrenaline to keep you warm!

And now back to the gorgeous couple! Markus & Samantha have such great personal style. From the grade-A accessorizing to the complementary colors of their outfits, these two know what they are doing! Their cream palette is such a nifty choice for the winter background, and it makes them look right at home in this winter wonderland. And Sam’s scarf, the nails, the lipstick — every color POPS! It draws us right in to every smile, every touch, and every laugh.

Join us in congratulating Samantha & Markus on a stylish, sophisticated session!


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