It’s officially party planning season… which means you are probably in the midst of getting ready for this year’s holiday party for your team! There are so many aspects to the planning process to consider: decor, entertainment, cuisine, perhaps an awards presentation, the perfect venue… but have you considered hiring a photographer for your holiday party? 

With all the effort you are putting into planning the event, wouldn’t it be nice to extend the ROI well past the end of the evening? Here are 8 simple ways photography can just do that: 

Photos for your beaming awards recipients! If you have award recipients, you’re celebrating leadership, or individuals on your team who have made a difference in your company, there is no better way to make it “official” than through photographs that are shared in your email newsletters, internal announcement boards, or social media networks. Shout your excitement and appreciation for these award recipients from the rooftops with photos they can even use for their own archives. Not everyone may be able to attend your event, and with photography, your awardees can walk in to work on Monday with continued recognition by the whole office!

Company awards ceremony.
Candid moments like this are wonderful to share after an evening of awards, laughter, and memories.
Company team member receives award.
Beaming associates will be beaming again when they see their accomplishments recognized again in a company-wide email after the event!

Social Media Content: You can control the narrative of the night. With a holiday party photographer capturing all of the night’s events, your employees can enjoy themselves rather than worrying about trying to post on Instagram with your company hashtag. This way, you can curate the most beautiful moments of the night, and keep the late night shenanigans on the dance floor. Plus, if you have any branded giveaways, coffee mugs, or treats at your event, these are always fun to talk about on social!

Company holiday party toast.
This toast happened right before the event officially started, as team members showed off their energy AND metallic sparkles for a kick-off photo for social media!
Speaker presents at company party.
Speeches and presentations at holiday parties are motivating, and show your company leaders in action!

Give a gift to your team through photos: Do your team members often bring their partners or spouses to the holiday party? Team members will appreciate a professional photo of themselves and their significant other dressed up to the nines! Let’s be honest: When was the last time YOU and your partner got all glitzy for an event? Wouldn’t you want to capture yourselves in a professional photo to send to your friends and family? We are strong believers that the super dark and grainy photo from your phone just won’t do it  justice. In fact, our gallery sharing service with Gold Grid Studios makes it super easy for you to share photos with all your attendees without your staff having to do extra work. Simply share a link in a company wide email and we’ll take care of the rest for you! 

Company holiday party couple photo with backdrop.
Decor for this event included a backdrop that was the perfect setting for couples and group photos all night long! Attendees purchased their prints easily and directly online after the event.
Couple attends company holiday party.
Holiday parties are wonderful for letting your team relax, introduce their significant others to each other, and celebrate together. Your holiday party photographer will make a point to capture it all!

Group photos of team leaders. Your leaders will look poised and professional in a beautiful venue, dressed for success. What better time to get everyone together for a group photo?

Company leaders in group photo.
This was a fun group photo that happened after several presentations by team leaders, addressing the whole office with accomplishments of the year.

The Company Archive: Whether a member of your team or a seasoned event-planning DMC like 360 Destination Group is planning your event, you may want photos for archival purposes. What did you do at your holiday party this year? What might you do differently next year? How did you brand the room uniquely to your company? We know you have a lot on your plate with all the daily tasks and meetings at the office, and calling to mind the color and brand of table linens that match a particular floral arrangement you had last year probably won’t be top of mind next year…

Holiday party decor with warm autumn theme.
This autumnal theme was unexpected, warm, inviting, and intimate.
With this unique industrial event space as their venue, this company chose to create a laid-back yet modern atmosphere.
Company holiday party decor centerpiece.
This company decked out their event in colors that represent their brand – bold blues and whites in their floral arrangements as well as furniture selected for the event.

Company Culture: You’re planning an event that’s uniquely fitted for your team, and you know that everything from the decor to entertainment, the theme of the night, and the atmosphere will reflect who you are as a company. Photographs will showcase the spirit of your team, and provide everyone wonderful memories of the night that will speak to your brand and your mission. What new hire isn’t going to be excited about attendees next year’s party once they see all of this fun captured by your holiday party photographer?

Corporate holiday party group photo.
Photos while guests are mixing and mingling are a fun way to capture the excitement of your team before they hit the dance floor!
No matter how often you get to celebrate together, the holiday party is a special and unique time to capture memories of your team.

Need help planning your Holiday Party? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to send over a list of some of our most trusted professionals to complete your vendor list! When it comes to events, there really isn’t a merrier time of the year, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!