A Garden Engagement: Katharine & Leon

As the seasons start to shift in Chicago, there’s no better way to celebrate summer than Katharine & Leon’s garden engagement. This session is all about the soft romance of flowers and garden greenery. Katharine’s long dress was delicate and charming, a perfect fit in more ways that one. Pair that with Leon’s crisp white shirt and this dynamic duo is ready for a garden party, a park stroll, or a brunch just for two.

The amazing thing about Lincoln Park (and Chicago summer) is the wealth of variety. No matter how many times we visit, we always discover new spots that are just begging for a Kodak moment. The Katharine’s dress, a floral background was a must. The bright yellow and green background is one of kind, and a match made in heaven for this session.

Be sure to look out for all those perfect pops of color you only see in nature, and a special appearance by a butterfly (a sure sign of luck and good fortune). And once the garden walk commences, these two take a break. Surrounded by the gorgeous architecture and a hint of Chicago skyline, get ready for some of the best laughing photos. Genuine love and laughter are some of our favorite moments to capture, and Katharine & Leon’s joy is oh so amazing!


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Your Wedding Album: Setting a Gold (Grid) Standard

After the cake is cut and the bouquet has been thrown, you and your love finally get to exhale. You did it! You’re married! And while your relationship with most of your vendors comes to an end, our time with you is just beginning. We edit the photos, relive the memories, and put together galleries and slideshows for you to share with family & friends. But our job isn’t yet done. The art of photography is all about legacy, about preserving your story for future generations. The best way to capture the essence of your day is with a gorgeous Heirloom album.

Your wedding day is packed with those “a picture is worth a thousand words” moments. And while digital media is great for sharing (we’re all about Facebook posts and Instagram sneak peeks), you can’t put them on your coffee table. You can’t hold a USB in your hand on your anniversary, and flip through it with a glass of wine. Even in the past few years, we’ve seen technology undergo so many changes (from discs to USBs to direct downloads). One thing has been consistent: the quality of our Heirloom albums.

One of the best parts of the Gold Grid experience is your ordering party. We bring you into the studio and showcase all of your photos for the first time. There’s champagne, a fab slideshow, and a relaxing time to relive your day. It’s also a perfect opportunity to create your wedding album. We put together a pre-design that shows the highlights of your day, and utilize our software to make adjustments in real time. You can swap photos, ask for revisions, and by the time you leave — your album is ready to order! Most Gold Grid couples have their wedding album in hand three months after the wedding.  The honeymoon phase is still in full blossom, and you already have a keepsake with a lifetime guarantee.


As you can see, we customize everything from the album cover, color, page number, and text — each album we create is unique to the couple and their story. Shall we help you tell yours?

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Wild Onion Wedding: Allison & Ben

When we heard that Allison & Ben were getting married at the Wild Onion, we fell in love with the venue name. Isn’t there some song lyric about love being like wild onion? Well, there SHOULD be! When we asked these two what brought them to the brewery, Allison gave us the scoop. “We wanted to get married at a brewery because we love craft beers. The Wild Onion appealed to us because of it’s vaulted wood ceilings, rustic appeal, beautiful landscaping, and relaxed atmosphere. It also helps that their beer is very good!”

Get ready for a gorgeous, high-vaulted ceiling ceremony. It didn’t hurt that the sun coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows was a perfect spotlight for our star couple. And it turned out that Wild Onion not only served as a great rustic backdrop — it was also a source of inspiration for details. YES, that’s hops in Allison’s bouquet!

Also, keep your eyes out for Karrah & Marcus, who were a past couple of ours.  Marcus is Allison’s brother. We were able to capture picture of the two of them walking down the aisle after the ceremony together. Marcus previously wasn’t a big fan of having his photo taken but…we’d say he knows he looks dapper now 😉
Enjoy getting to know Allison & Ben, and join us in congratulation them on a wonderfully realized day full of fun and laughter.  And if we could sum up “love” in one photo…check out the one of Ben looking at Allison during toasts. #relationshipgoals



Meet the Wedding Day Team:

Wedding Venue: The Onion Pub & Brewery | Wedding Dress: Joyful Occasion | Groom’s Attire: GQ Menswear | Bridesmaid Attire: David’s Bridal | DJ: Blackthird Entertainment | Florist: Prairie Basket Floral | Transportation: Elite Minibus

PS The bridesmaids’ gorgeous jewelry was handmade by the bride!

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Chicago River Engagement: Kristine & Ben

Sometimes, a fabulous engagement session is about more than just photos of the two of you. Ben & Kristine’s trip to the Chicago River was ALL of the things!

It can be an opportunity for family portraits! Take a look at Kristine & Ben, and their adorable furbaby. Pets are always great for a smile, a laugh, and to help a Gold Grid couple loosen up in front of the camera. It was all smiles at the Chicago River!  After a family stroll, we switched gears to focus on Kristine & Ben. The architecture and green spaces around the Chicago River made for a great mix of city and summer.

It can be the beginning of your modeling portfolios! Kristine & Ben were dressed to impress! We always tell our couples to put comfort first. But also, think of the session as an opportunity to show off! Think of a session as the beginning of a night out together!  In an ideal world, you get to leave your session, smiling and relieved. If dressed in that “snappy casual” way that Ben & Kristine are…you’re ready to go out to your favorite restaurant.

This lovestruck couple told us that their happiest memory is traveling to Finland and getting engaged (jealous!!). “We were in pajamas in a log cabin listening to music with the fireplace going and two glasses of wine.” While we are #swooning over that story, enjoy this engagement session perfection. To quote the wedding classic My Best Friend’s Wedding (which just happens to have a few scenes along the Chicago River), we “Love the bag. Love the shoes. Love everything!”


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Olive Park Engagement: Catherine & Kristopher

It’s story time, friends! Let’s get to know the absolutely adorable Catherine & Kristopher. Before we get to their Olive Park engagement session, we will take you back to the beginning. It all started at Raven’s Bar with a game of giant Jenga! After that, Catherine tells us, “the rest is history.”

When we asked about their favorite memory together, they immediately recalled getting engaged in Paris. Once we got over a bit of engagement envy (Paris, amiright?!), we let them continue. “We were at dinner and the food was incredible. It’s our happiest memory because it made it official that we were spending our lives together. We also had the most amazing dessert and champagne after.”

As it turns out, these two lovebirds visit Navy Pier every year for their anniversary. This made Olive Park a great option for their engagement photos. Olive Park is just off the pier, has a wonderful skyline view and great mix of park, city, and beach backgrounds! It’s a one-stop spot for engagement session bliss!

But enough about the background — let’s focus in on our stars: Catherine & Kristopher. We asked these two lovebirds what their favorite trait about their partner is. Kris love’s Catherine’s smile, and Catherine adores his eyes. Get ready for lots of romantic close-ups that show off both! And join us in congratulating Catherine & Kris!


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